Nogo Gogo by Beaird Glover

As promised the Bookworm has returned with more reviews. No go Gogo by Beaird Glover. Which I received from the author for an honest review.


In this messy love story, an unlikely hero is chosen by the empress of a bizarre cult and he becomes a new kind of paranormal like the world has never seen. Throw in some pungent explosions and greenhouse taboo, a deadly new drug and choices made for love or money, and the forces of good will fight it out with evil for the comedic unspeakable and to test the fortitude of everyone. 

“Think if it like this,” the guard says. “Not to put too fine a point on it, but I don’t know how else you could understand: Her butt is like the Tree of Knowledge, and forbidden booty fruit ripens within. You cannot pry into the wondrous mysteries of life. You may not pluck the forbidden booty fruit.”
“But I’m a gastroenterologist,” the doctor says. “I need to know the truth.”
“You can’t handle the truth!”
“Is she making Louis eat her forbidden booty fruit?” Justin asks.
“It is thought to be too strong, too feculent and putrid for human consumption,” the guard says.
Justin continues, “But, people aren’t supposed to eat poop anyway, right?”

Nogo Go go is the funniest and most disgusting thing I’ve read in a while! This paranormal satire is the equivalent of the longest and most hilarious fart joke you’ve ever heard! It will have you literally clutching your stomach… in laughter. In this story there a line is drawn between those who hold it in and those who “free their bowels” and the greedy people in the middle who want to exploit the market for both. You have the Freedom Farters and their Orifice Xo with her magic booty fruit and diarrhea inducing lettuce and the people behind NoGo. A drug that will instantly stop you up.  Nogo pushers are trying to corner the diarrhea market but are in for a series of events no one can predict. This colon cleansing plot twist will keep you thoroughly entertained. I give this a 5/5 rating and highly recommend you get this book right this second. It can be found at