Falling in Love by Stephan Bradlee


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Sherry Johnson is young, beautiful, bright and athletic. She has everything going for her, except for one thing. 
She is addicted to love. 
Her life is a vicious circle of nightly trysts and morning regrets. 

Her addiction got her kicked out of college, cost her the love of her life and has left her in complete despair.   
But still Sherry keeps falling in love.  

And falling. And falling.  

Finally, as Sherry struggles to pull herself up from a bottomless pit, she realizes that she will have to learn to love the one person she has loathed for most of her life.  


Based on the True Story of a 
Young Woman’s Battle with Sex Addiction

“For all my life, no one ever wanted to tell me! My aunt always said “You’re better off not knowing.” Everyone but me seemed to know some deep dark secret. Now I knew part of it, about my mother and Elaine. But there had to be more. I was more determined than ever, to one day, find my mother and ask her every question I’d ever had and not stop asking until she gave me the answers. I suddenly loathed Elaine for not telling me. Sharing? Right! She was just like everyone else.
Gregory had to leave. “Will we see you again next week?”
I shook my head. “I don’t think this group thing is for me.”
He paused then asked, “is your life unmanageable?”
“I’ve got a few problems,” I admitted. “But I’m managing OK.”
He looked at me for a long moment then answered, “Then maybe it isn’t for you.”
Suddenly, I burst out crying as I realized why Elaine’s words had hit me so hard. Her feelings of worthlessness and shame was how I felt since I was eight-years-old. She had been describing me life! And I knew that if I passed up this chance to get help, I truly was going to die, one way or another.

There have been a few time in my life where a book had connected with me so deeply I felt it changed my life on some level. When I was 9 it was One Child by Tori L. Hayden. When I was in middle school it was The Neverending Story. Now at 23 Falling in Love is also one of those books. You are taken on the journey to sobriety with Sherry who is addicted to sex. When she prevails you feel her joy and when she slips you feel her shame. Although she is trying to live with a sex addiction this not a book about sex. It’s about the journey of this young woman and the strength it took to avoid bad habits. You will cry with her and applaud her. It’s beautifully written in a way that will instantly connect with you. This is really a story of hope and triumph made better by the fact that it’s a true story. If you have never read an autobiography, biography, or based on a true story book this is the one that you should you. I give this book 5/5 and would definitely recommend this.