Books to Pine For

The Bookworm brings you books to pine for. Upcoming books that sound too good to pass up will be featured here.


Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton


Twelve meteors.

Twelve ancient lines.

Twelve players.

Endgame invites its audience to join Players in a worldwide hunt for three hidden keys. At stake for the players: not only their lives but the fate of the world. At stake for the readers: a chance to participate in a real-world interactive puzzle.

Endgame is a revolutionary, fully integrated, multimedia book and gaming experience. Each book in the trilogy will feature an interactive “super puzzle” comprised of clues and riddles layered into the story. Google Niantic is building a mobile, location-based, augmented reality game inextricably tied to the books and mythology. Full Fathom Five will have a major cash prize tied to each puzzle in each book.

Publication date: 10/7/14

As seen in Buzz Books 2014


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