Zero Alternative by Luca Persaro

Scott Walker is a fugitive from the quicksands of Finance, with one card to play – DeepShare, a silicon oracle coveted by billionaires, hitmen and hackers. As he fights for survival and vengeance, digging deeper into the dark heart of the global economy, one question torments him: what price will the world have to pay?

He didn’t known what to do; this was too outside his universe. He should just go to the police, but there would be so many questions- he would have to talk about DeepOmega and he didn’t have a shred of proof, just two missing computers in a convoluted story.

And powerful enemies working against him as he tried to defend himself in front of the law. You might be truly screwed, Yours.

Zero Alternative was a fast paced thriller. Luca Pesaro takes you on a rollercoaster ride trough the shady and dangerous world of banking. Scott Walker (Yours) and his friend DM have a program with the ability to predict the market. With a resource so accurate and powerful many people want to get their hands on that program by any means. The beginning was a little slow because of the introduction of the banking world and the financial jargon but Pesaro does an excellent job of explaining concepts without making the reader feel as though they are sitting in a classroom. The characters are well thought out and quirky. The things one character does in the story is so twisted and cringe worthy you will be squirming in your seat. Betrayal, murder, sex, and espionage are all served up on a platter and fed to you in a decadent feast! I recommend this with no hesitation. There is zero alternative to buying this 5/5 rated thriller.


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