A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah


Sharp-tongued, quick-witted Porsche worships her sister Winter. Cut from the same cloth as her father, Ricky Santiaga, Porsche is also a natural-born hustler. Passionate and loyal to the extreme, she refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention after her family is torn apart. Porsche—unique, young, and beautiful—cries as much as she fights and uses whatever she has to reclaim her status. Unselfish, she pushes to get back everything that ever belonged to her wealthy, loving family.

This book was a big disappointment for me because it fell short in so many ways. Overall the whole story just wasn’t believable to me in any way. No matter what genre of book you read you want to feel like something in the story could actually happen. There were very few points where I felt like that. Porsche was also a hard character for me to connect with. Throughout the story her narrations change from sounding like a grown woman to sounding like a five year old. It was supposed to show that she had alter personalities but it was just confusing to read most of the time and honestly it took away from the story to me. Her relationship with her mother and the things she went through dealing with her crack addiction was the only thing that felt real to me. Her marriage to Elisha was just ridiculous. It seems that Sister Souljah has a thing about polygamous relationships and teenage marriage because they are a recurring theme in her books. There were parts of the story that didn’t make sense at all. For example, how she became a world famous dancer but law enforcement agency ever arrested her for breaking of out juvenile. Even if you take into consideration the fact that they covered up the breakout, they had only changed the records two years before she came back to the states. The plot was just not consistent and plain ridiculous at times. It was like reading an episode of Jerry Springer. You don’t want to watch but you can’t look away and it passes the time until something else comes along. I would give it a 1/5.


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