Intervention by W.R.R. Munro

Ayden Walker turned his back on a fast tracked academic career to follow in his parents’ footsteps. As a field researcher, he does what he can to protect wilderness areas from the pressures of climate change and 8.5 billion people, and he keeps an eye on the big Pharmas gaming the system to squeeze ever more profits from their latest GM cure-alls.

Then he meets the enigmatic and strangely familiar William Hanford.

William tells Ayden the truth about his parents’ genetic research all those years ago, about what they did to William… and to Ayden.

Struggling to understand and forgive, Ayden digs into the past, but the trail points back to the present, to William and to his biotech company, Genenco.

Could Genenco be attempting a breathtakingly bold solution to problems the world has failed to address for decades? Or is it a wildly dangerous experiment, a threat to all of humanity? 

Should Ayden even try to stop them? Or is the risk justified?

As he peels back the layers of deception, Ayden realises that he’s under surveillance and putting his family at risk.

He’s forced into an uneasy alliance with Major Henri Soulandt of Army Military Intelligence, and together they try to discover just how far the forces behind Genenco are prepared to go.

Then things get complicated. And deadly.

“What must occur to reduce suffering for billions of people alive today and countless more billions of people in the future? We must reduce absolute population levels in most parts of the world urgently and move to zero population growth everywhere. There are no options.

Intervention was an interesting read. It didn’t really move me either way. There were things that I really liked about the story though. I thought the story flow was great and there is always a sense of urgency throughout the story and I thought the science was interesting. The premise of the book was original and believable and it takes place in a very conceivable future. The main problem I had with the story was the inability to connect with the main character Ayden. He was very irritating to me. His incessant reckless behavior just annoyed me. Even if the end result was what he was looking for. It also annoyed me that he was always right! I got that he was an off the charts super smart person whose only other intellectual equal was William but at some point I would’ve loved for him to be completely wrong. I ended up wanting to know more about the bad guy than him. I actually liked him better anyway. There was just nothing in the story to sway me to love it or hate it. For me the book was like extra cheese on a pizza. Its nice to have sometimes but I can live without it.  However, it really is amazing to be a debut novel. I would recommend this to true sci-fi techno-thriller lovers out there. It’s available at


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