Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper

Donna Pierce might hear voices, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. Probably.

The voices do serve their purpose, though—whenever Donna hears them, she knows she’s in danger. So when they start yelling at the top of their proverbial lungs, it’s no surprise she and her best friend, Deke, end up narrowly escaping a zombie horde. Alone without their families, they take refuge at their high school with the super-helpful nerds, the bossy head cheerleader, and—best of all?—Liam, hottie extraordinaire and Donna’s long-time crush. When Liam is around, it’s easy to forget about the moaning zombies, her dad’s plight to reach them, and how weird Deke is suddenly acting toward her.

But as the teens’ numbers dwindle and their escape plans fall apart, Donna has to listen to the secrets those voices in her head have been hiding. It seems not all the zombies are shuffling idiots, and the half-undead aren’t really down with kids like Donna…

The zombies swarm, forming a circle around Deke.
“We gotta help him!” Quentin yells. More books sail out of the back doors of the vehicle.”Big ones,” somebody says. “Grab the big ones!”
“Throw Moby Dick. I hated that one.”
“Where’s Twilight?”
“No,” Tara squeals. “Don’t throw Twilight.”

Donna of the Dead was literally a laugh out loud story. Donna was a hilarious main character. What I loved about her was how she approached the zombie apocalypse like a 15 year old girl. Forget the zombie hoard trying to break their way inside to eat her she is completely focused on how she can finally connect with her long time crush Liam. Her strategy for dealing with the zombies is to hide, run, and scream. I also loved how self aware she was especially when she realizes she may be the most useless person left in the world. I really liked Deke and felt sorry for him a lot throughout the book. Mainly because Donna was so absorbed in herself she wasn’t a very good friend to him until the end. He however, never faltered in his friendship with her. He also helped her become a more selfless person by the end of the story. One character I would’ve loved to see more of was Deke’s grandmother. I mean a taser toting old lady zapping zombies on a zombie titanic would be awesome! I really loved the plot and the fresh take on zombies. It’s just amazingly different from any zombie story you would ever read. I was so relieved when the author didn’t turn it into a love story between the hot half dead zombie and Donna. I was really hoping to have more action on the cruise ship though. I mean a giant boat filled with zombies was something the author really could’ve taken advantage of. I was also hoping to find out what happened to the guy that followed them off the ship. This book was just so great and an awesome read. It has zombies, romance, action, and everything else you would want in a story. I give this a 5/5 and definitely recommend this book. It will be available at on March 4th.

Arc provided by Netgalley for a honest review.


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