Love, Greater Than Infinity by Cora Avondale


Teddy Mulligan is a keeper who never intended to fall in love with Gracie Harris. In a Universe in which all events are predetermined, keepers must honor the mandates of the Dimension Council and assist in the fulfillment of their assignments’ Destinies. For this reason, Teddy must suppress his forbidden feelings or else risk losing his post as Gracie’s keeper.
But when Teddy discovers that Gracie’s Destiny includes marrying Mr. Wrong, Teddy is forced to make a fateful choice: remain loyal to his keeper oath or intervene to change Gracie’s Destiny forever.

Teddy was first to set things in motion. He turned to Gracie and whispered into her defeated soul. Tell the truth Gracie.

This book was one that I unfortunately couldn’t get into. One problem I had was that everything was told through Teddy’s perspective. I would’ve liked to experience Gracie’s life through her own eyes. Maybe known a little bit more about her through her words.  I understand it’s about how Teddy feels as a Keeper but maybe interchanging viewpoints could’ve added something to the story. Another reason it fell short for me was because it reminded me of Dream Weavers by Su Williams, which I love, and this felt like a lighter version of it minus the magic and vampires. So I think the comparison to that series limited my ability to like this book. I did think the overall concept was interesting though and found myself hoping that Teddy was going to be able to show himself to Gracie. The story flow didn’t progress smoothly for me either. There were a lot of time jumps and I would’ve like to see how Teddy watched her grow up not and started developing a bond. In her adolescence we only see him be there for her when her dad dies.
I did like the twist ending and thought it put an interesting spin on the story. However, I also felt like the book should’ve continued. I just didn’t think this was the type of story to carry into a series and could’ve been a stand alone book. I’ll probably read the rest of the series just to see how it all turns out in the end but this book just wasn’t for me. Overall I would give it a 2.5/5. It was a nice easy breezy romance and time killer.


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