Review of Vitro by Jessica Khoury


Vitro takes you on a tropical adventure and deals with the issues and ethics of dabbling with creation. Even those with the best intentions can trip over the line between good and evil. In this book you never know who the bad guy is until the end. It seems everyone on Skin Island has an ulterior motive and their own agenda.

It took a few chapters for me to get into the book. But once I got into it I was hooked and finished it in one night. The story alternated views throughout book and it offered a different perspective that added to the story. It also added a better understanding of the characters like Lux. As a main character I felt like there should have been more to Sophie. For me she lacked depth. By the end of the book I felt more connected to her mother Moira than her.

The plot twist throughout the story were amazing. There was always a reason to keep reading when you reached the end of a chapter. The actions just by Nicholas alone and all the things he reveals will leave you stunned. The ending is also something you won’t see coming and leaves an opening for more books to follow.

I received an ARC of this book but If you want a really good read I definitely recommend snagging this as soon as you can.


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