Why A Book Blog And First Review

The Cleansing on Amazonimage

I wanted to blog about books simply because I love them. I love everything about reading. I’ve always been a avid reader even when I was a child. The first play I ever went to was based on one of my favorite books as a 10 year old, To Kill a Mocking Bird. For me reading has always been a way to escape to another place and become someone else. I’ve always enjoyed how characters would almost become a part of my life while I was reading. So I’m going to kick this off with a book that I recently read called “The Cleansing” by Danielle Evans.

After the earth suffered from a series of severe natural disasters, America allows in foreigners to assist with rebuilding. A new wave of immigration occurs, and now Americans are in the minority. A foreigner becomes president and forces them to attend the Earth Education Program. As a massive genocide takes place, American couple, John and Annie Weber, struggle to survive in this new world.

This was a heart pounding read from the first to last page. John and Annie are trying desperately to survive in a world where Americans are hated and being eliminated. There is always a sense of urgency that never makes the book boring and the plot twist are unbelievable. [spoiler]Especially when they find out Annie is pregnant. Of course they have doubts about raising a child but they also have the very real fear or whether or not they can bring a child into such a dangerous world.[/spoiler] They also have to decide if they will take a stand against the president and his evil plans to continue to eliminate Americans or to just keep their heads down and try to get by without being killed. There is never a time where you stop rooting for them and hoping for a happy ending.

Not only is the plot amazing and the story original the characters are well developed. Their back story makes the things they go through even more amazing. Even the supporting characters are well thought out and play important roles.

This is just simply an amazing book and not one to pass over. I would highly recommend this to anyone. It is very graphic and has scenes that younger readers may not be able to handle.


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